"This class will introduce you to the main deities in Hindu mythology, and their fascinating and colorful stories.  You know some of the names - Brahma.  Vishnu.  Rama.  Krishna.  Shiva.  Ganesh.  Parvati. Durga.  Kali, and more.  Others may be new to you - Indra.  Surya.  Agni, and more.  Now is your chance not only to learn more about these deities, but also to get close to them and form a relationship with a Hindu deity or two, if you so wish.

In this class we study the major ancient Vedic deities, as well as the major modern Hindu gods and goddesses, and their stories.

This is a class on the Hindu Pantheon and Mythology.  It is not a class on the Hindu religious concepts and way of living, though glimpses of those concepts will come through as part of studying the mythology and the documents where they are found.

Hindu Mythology is incredibly rich and varied.  Many stories about the same deity are contradictory to each other, or at the least inconsistent.  The selection here is a starting point for you to research further stories on your own.

Don your sari or your sherwani, and let's go!" 

No prerequisite required for this course.