Course Image Magic 201 - Crystals

In this course you will learn to use stones to aid in the attunement of your chakras and runs in conjunction with your year and a day class. You will practice with the energy vibration of these stones as well as the color of the stones to balance your chakras and energy fields.

Your textbook is "Love is in the Earth" by Melody (ISBN # 0-9628190-3-4), and you will need samples of three of each chakra's suggested stones and crystals to work with during that season. 

Check out for your supplies today! 

Crystals for each Season include: 

Root - Red Tiger's Eye, Ruby, Garnet, Smokey Quartz, Hematite

Sacral - Coral, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Citrine, Black Tourmaline

Will - Citrine, Amber, Topaz, Gold Tiger's Eye, Pyrite

Heart - Aventurine, Emerald, Kyanite, Malachite, Blood Stone, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz

Throat - Lapis Lazuli, Turquois, Blue Lace Agate, Sodolite

Third-Eye - Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Iolite, Lepidolite, Blue Agate

Crown - Amethyst, Quartz, White Lace Agate

Prerequisites: Must have completed Wicca 101/102/103 & Ritual 101, student must also be enrolled in or have already completed Wicca 106 and must simultaneously be enrolled in Wicca 201 - Your Year and a Day.