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Lady Bella
Moving Student Rituals to Teams
by Belladonna LaVeau - Friday, 12 June 2020, 7:26 PM

wsts logoHappy Summer Vacation! The staff and faculty wish you health and safety.

You might have heard that the students will be moving their rituals off Sacred Cauldron, our Student Campus on SecondLife.  Please do not be alarmed, Sacred Cauldron is being opened up for a public ministry, while the needs ...

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Lady Bella
Homeroom Meets tonight
by Belladonna LaVeau - Wednesday, 9 January 2019, 4:34 PM

Homeroom tonight at 7pm SLT. For those of you who don't know what SLT is, make it a priority to attend. (SLT is Secondlife time, which is equal to Pacific Standard Time)

We're on the mezzanine above the lobby in the castle. If you don't know where the secret passageway is, behind the greeters desk, then you can fly up.

I'm so excited to see you there. <3

This link is a SLURL, it's a link to a place in You'll need to use your secondlife viewer to get there.

Lady Bella
Homeroom Meets tonight
by Belladonna LaVeau - Wednesday, 2 January 2019, 2:14 PM

Merry Meet and Happy New Year.

Whether you have paid your tuition already or not, you are welcome at Homeroom. Each Wednesday night at 7pm we gather to deal with housekeeping issues of being a student, enrollment, ministry questions, volunteer issues, tech problems. If you need help, Homeroom is the place to go to get it fixed. On the second floor of the castle, right above the Chapel. If you don't know where to go, you can send an email to, and I'll respond asap.

See you there.

<3 Bella




These classes are free. You may need help registering and signing up for these classes. If so, please contact

This category is used to store the various How-to's and hard to find knowledge tidbits discovered while maintaining the site.

Welcome to Magical Training!

Associates Degree is about learning to become a witch. It's time to wake up your powers, and learn you how to use them!

Welcome to Magical Training!

In your First Year studies, you will be introduced to the magical realms of the mind, body, emotions and spirit. You will learn to create sacred space and be introduced to the Gods. You will discover the Wheel of the Year, and why we celebrate the holy days. You will learn how to successfully create ritual space and feel confident in casting circle and calling quarters in your own personal rituals.

This year's training incorporates several different subjects into a spiral path that takes you through the energy dynamics experienced as the Wheel turns. This class is designed to train your mind to think like an initiate's. It helps connect all the disjointed knowledge about Wicca you may have rolling around in your head, and allows you to build a practice based on your beliefs and your personal contract with the divine.

First Year Required Classes

Wicca 101/102/103 - Wiccan Basics
Wicca 106 - The Wheel of the Year

Wicca 110 - History of Wicca

Ritual 101 - Ritual Construction - Creating Sacred Space
and 2 Electives of your Choice

Magical Training is a two year study program, that deepens your understanding of the path, and your connection with Goddess with each level. Student may enter first year training at any time of the year.

Magical Training requires that you choose two electives to take your first year. These electives are entry level electives, meaning there are no pre-requisites to take these classes.

Attuning to the Wheel

Your Formal Year & A Day

***Prerequisites: Must have completed Wicca 101/2/3, & Ritual 101, Student must also be enrolled in Wicca 106

Prepare to experience a transformational evolution in every aspect of your life.

This course course runs from Imbolc to Yule, and works on a six-week rotation. Each section is focused on a specific area of spiritual growth. As we flow through the wheel of the year, our soul unfolds in a spiral pattern. This year, you will witness the pattern, embody the energies, journey into you inner self, and come face to face with your own soul. During this year long journey you will focus on a different energy each season, you will embody this energy, ritualize it, and come to understand it through daily devotionals. We will fine tune your focus through Chakra study and exercise, embodying archetypes, deciphering symbolism, decoding planetary influences, and undergoing the rites of passage necessary to prepare the soul for initiation.*

The Working Witch - Putting what you have learned into practice. These two years are devoted to becoming a bridge between the worlds, and bringing the Gods to Her people.

Magical Mastery - What kind of magic do you do? Now is the time to put that magic into career choices. Find your path into full time ministry.

All Masters Students are required to take all of the courses in this category.

They are offered ONCE a year and need to be taken when offered. Please pay close attention to the dates of the course and email the professor with your questions.

At this level the student begins to work in a more independent fashion and begins to pinpoint their ministerial focus and how it affects the larger Wiccan community.  Acceptance into the program requires a Bachelor’s of Ministry from Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary or a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field  and/or a verifiable Wiccan Second Degree that demonstrates the students mastery of the WSTS core Bachelor’s Curriculum.  If the candidate does not have a Bachelor’s Degree, then they can apply to enter the joint BM/MM Program, which will allow them to attain their Bachelor’s of Ministry from WSTS at the same time as they work on their Master’s of Ministry.  All candidates will be required to take and pass the Wiccan Skills Assessment before acceptance into the program.  

The Master’s study takes a minimum of two years to complete.  Students need 48 credit hours total to graduate.  This consists of the core required classes, field internship and the focus area coursework.

Field Internship hours will be required in addition to the above course requirements. The Field internship is overseen by the Seminary, but it is up to the student to arrange an acceptable placement.  The Seminary reserves the right to accept or reject any proposed placement.  The Seminary will assist in facilitating the student finding an acceptable placement.  

Each Master’s Candidate is expected to perform sacred service with the Undergraduate program of WSTS. This includes facilitating workshops, programs, classes, and activities on the Second Life® platform and in person.

Wiccan Education

Declare your Great Work and build your ministry. The Goddess has called you to serve. Now, you learn how to fulfill your calling.