Magic 455 The God Energy in us All


We will be learning in this course about The Men’s Mysteries. These are, what been labeled as, the Masculine force which exists and flows through Nature. In Wicca it is called the GOD aspect. This force is present and interconnected and a polarity to the Feminine Force or the Goddess aspect. They are the opposite ends of one Force. In our physical reality and expression, we experience through perception, one end of this polarity. So to begin to understand the end of this polarity we call the Masculine Force we shall take a look at the Basic Nature of Men.

 For the first time, you can study the momentous impact of Lilith from the Mesopotamian empires to modern times. Students will investigate and evaluate the mythology that has literally impacted cultures globally for millennia.

As a Goddess, Lilith stands in both the dark and light: a power open and unveiled but also hidden and mysterious. Some refute her divinity, claiming she was simply a few editorial comments in the Bible. Others acknowledge her power, but worship her in contradictory ways. Through mythology, historical texts, linguistics and art, we will strive to understand this mysterious and powerful goddess and the many contradictory stories about her.

The material in this class has never before been gathered together in one place.

Pre-requisiteMagic 151-Introduction to Meditation or permission of the teacher.