This course is designed for the Senior Student who is prepared to study the Elementals in depth.  Students will invoke an Elemental from each element over the course of the Wheel of the Year in the appropriate season.  

**prerequisites is Ritual 301

Turning the Wheel

Writing the Sabbats 

This year you will show us your expression of the Wheel of the Year. The Sun is moving through the sky. You have seen the seasons pass. How do you express worship, and reveal the mysteries? This year, you will write and lead sabbats inworld on Sacred Cauldron (SecondLife)

***prerequisites are the successful completion of Ritual 301 and Wicca 306

This course explores the ethics and rules which Elders and senior clergy are held to within the Wiccan community.

Prerequisite is Wicca 330.

Psychic, spiritual and energetic healing are explored as a part of becoming clergy. Subjects covered are ethics of healing, secular laws surrounding healing, the different types of energetic healing, and an exploration of a personal aptitude for healing. The student is required to begin an in-depth study of one form of healing.

Prerequisites: Wicca 201 and Magic 201