Attuning to the Wheel

Your Formal Year & A Day

***Prerequisites: Must have completed Wicca 101/2/3, & Ritual 101, Student must also be enrolled in Wicca 106

Prepare to experience a transformational evolution in every aspect of your life.

This course course runs from Imbolc to Yule, and works on a six-week rotation. Each section is focused on a specific area of spiritual growth. As we flow through the wheel of the year, our soul unfolds in a spiral pattern. This year, you will witness the pattern, embody the energies, journey into you inner self, and come face to face with your own soul. During this year long journey you will focus on a different energy each season, you will embody this energy, ritualize it, and come to understand it through daily devotionals. We will fine tune your focus through Chakra study and exercise, embodying archetypes, deciphering symbolism, decoding planetary influences, and undergoing the rites of passage necessary to prepare the soul for initiation.*