Course Image Magic 111 -  Magical Herbalism



This course will introduce you to a fundamental list of magical herbs. Specifically; it is the list required for the First Degree ATC Initiatory Path. There are a total of 15 herbs, each of which will be discussed individually and used in specific given recipes. The required text: Magical Herbalism, by Scott Cunningham, provides all the recipes being used. Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs is also highly recommended.

The lecture topics will cover the magical topics of protection, divination, love, and magical healing. The use of these herbs in physical healing will be discussed as a side note. Many are perfectly safe for general use, but this is not a course on the herbal healing of physical disease and some of the plants can be toxic when taken internally. Cautions are given within the text. Our primary focus is on the magical and spiritual uses of plants.

Students are expected to buy the herbs on provided list [which is emailed to students before class begins] and a few extras per some specific recipes. Tools for making herbal products will also be necessary. We will be discussing the techniques used to make an infused oil, a tea, an incense, a sachet, and other magical creations. The text lists 8 techniques of which the student is required to attempt a total of 5.

There are many, many recipes listed in the course material. Do not let that intimidate you; instead, allow it to stimulate your creativity. You are given choices of which recipes to use in completing your assignments.

Beyond attempting the creation of magical herbal techniques, the homework consists only of;  turning in your recipe, a journal entry regarding the experience with the recipe, and a photo of your finished product. There is one short research paper on Baneful herbs. There is a total of 7 assignments to complete for the course.

No prerequisite is required for this course.