Welcome to Magical Training!

In your First Year studies, you will be introduced to the magical realms of the mind, body, emotions and spirit. You will learn to create sacred space and be introduced to the Gods. You will discover the Wheel of the Year, and why we celebrate the holy days. You will learn how to successfully create ritual space and feel confident in casting circle and calling quarters in your own personal rituals.

This year's training incorporates several different subjects into a spiral path that takes you through the energy dynamics experienced as the Wheel turns. This class is designed to train your mind to think like an initiate's. It helps connect all the disjointed knowledge about Wicca you may have rolling around in your head, and allows you to build a practice based on your beliefs and your personal contract with the divine.

First Year Required Classes

Wicca 101/102/103 - Wiccan Basics
Wicca 106 - The Wheel of the Year

Wicca 110 - History of Wicca

Ritual 101 - Ritual Construction - Creating Sacred Space

Wicca 170 - Introduction to Astrology

and 2 Electives of your Choice

Magical Training is a two year study program, that deepens your understanding of the path, and your connection with Goddess with each level. Student may enter first year training at any time of the year.