This class will introduce the student to the Orishas focusing on what is commonly called Santeria, that is, the worship of Orishas in the African Diaspora. This class will provide a foundation of knowledge from the viewpoints of the main Diasporic branches: Ifa, Lucumi, and Candomble. Students will learn accurate information about the major Orishas. In addition, we will touch upon folk magic traditions utilizing the Orishas such as Mexican witchcraft. Each lesson will provide useful information for individuals who are drawn towards the Orishas but have not been initiated into one of the African Traditional Religions or the Diaspora Religions. The teachings will be practical and straightforward. Through accurate and easy-to-use guidelines, the class will provide essential information about the basics of veneration, how to request assistance from the Orishas, and how to honor them. The class will include mythology (sacred stories), correct associations and correspondences, and rules of behavior. In addition to requirements, taboos, and safety, students will learn to create simple altars, give offerings, and honor specific Orishas.  

Prerequisite:  Ritual 101 or instructor approval .