In this exciting course, Lilith ThreeFeathers provides a solid foundation for safe shamanic journeying and offers a brief glimpse into shamanic practices from around the world based on

her 40 years of apprenticeships, studies, and training. Students will learn a bit about diverse shamanic peoples, their cultures, beliefs, practices, and struggles. The course will include information about some of the indigenous populations of North and South American, Northern Europe, Southern Africa, and Australia. Due to the vast history and customs represented by the various shamanic traditions, this course can only offer a brief introduction to each. In addition, the student will learn the basics of safe shamanic journeying as well as other shamanic techniques in order to gain spiritual and practical methods that can be used in everyday life.

Pre-requisites:  Magic 151 - Introduction to Meditation OR Ritual 361 - Guided Meditations or approval by the faculty member teaching the class.