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Attention All Students January 2015 Please read

Attention All Students January 2015 Please read

by Alfred Willowhawk -
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Hello Students,

We are very excited to announce a new way to take classes starting in January 2015. We are starting to use a new education platform called WizIQ Live Class for all of our classes. Approximately 10 minutes before your class begins go to the topic for that class here on Moodle and click on the Blue W for WizIQ (it says Live Lab or something similar) it will launch you into a room where you will see your classmates and teacher. You will be able to write in chat and the great news is this is recorded!

Many classes will still park in SL but the teacher will choose a cool spot for all of the class to hang. All communication for the class will be in the WizIQ classroom that you access right here from Moodle!

For upper class persons (JRs and Srs) who do classes in voice check with your teachers for instructions!

Please be patient as we get this new platform going!


Blessed Be,

Alfred Willowhawk

co-Dean Education