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Imbolc Monologues Sunday January 25th at 7:00pmSLT

Imbolc Monologues Sunday January 25th at 7:00pmSLT

by Kara D Williams -
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All students are invited and encouraged to prepare and participate in our Imbolc Monologues Ritual on January 25, 2015 at 7 pm, SLT - posted in chat and in SL voice.

Send a notecard to Trish by Thursday, January 22, 2015.
Your name
What year this is for you doing a monologue at Imbolc
Which deity you are invoking this year

Students present monologues every year at Imbolc. What year is this for you? 
All freshman and students doing first life monologues at the Church or coven are excused from monologues, but are welcome and encouraged to attend
First time doing a monologue = same gender Godform of your choice
Second time = Higher Self
Third time= Opposite Gender Godform
Fourth time = Elemental
Fifth time and up = Godform of your choice

How do you prepare? Research a deity, any GOD/DESS of any pantheon and know enough about them that you can invoke and introduce yourself as that deity. Speak for about 1 to 2 minutes, tell stories, dress the part, just prior to your turn, invoke/ embody that deity as much as you are able. 
You may want to include: Name, origin, descendent of, divine purpose, followers, achievements, cities named after them, consorts, children, sacred symbols, plants, animals, etc.

Questions? Ask your teacher if you want any kind of help with your monologue.