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CompSp 101: next class in 2 weeks!

CompSp 101: next class in 2 weeks!

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Hi all! Thank you for your participation tonight!

Bella pointed out that if we wait until the Natural Magic class has completed, it will be August before we resume lectures on Comparative Spirituality! I don't want to lose the momentum we have started, so I have decided to schedule the next class for 11PM EST two weeks from tonight.

So please join me Thursday, May 8, at 11PM EST. The discussion topic will be Religion(s).

(I'll be sure to send a reminder and the link earlier  this time, now I know how. Thanks for your patience!)

Meanwhile, remember to post your thoughts on the week 1 discussion board. Also, start scouring your local library for books on various religions and find ones with concepts that interest you.

See you all in cyberspace!

Love and Blessings,


P.S.: If you attended and would like a transcript of the participants' discussion, please email me off-list.