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New Homework Policy in effect for 2016

New Homework Policy in effect for 2016

by Alfred Willowhawk -
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Greetings Students!

I hope all of you are doing fantastic! We have changed the homework policy for 2016. This policy is in affect as of this session. Please read through it and if you have questions please send an email to myself or Kara Drachnyd for clarification.



Kara D and Alfred W

Homework Policy


Beginning in January of 2016 the Homework policy is changing to reflect new deadlines.  In the past we have allowed all Freshmen and elective courses to have until the end of the year (Yule) to turn in all homework.  


The general policy for session based classes is as follows:  In order to receive a score of 3, work must be turned in on time.  A score of 2 may be earned as long as work is turned in by the beginning of the 10th week of the session.  No work will be accepted after that point so that teachers can grade and file reports.  Students who do not get their work in by the deadline will have to repeat the course when it is taught again.


Core classes have different scheduling and energetic needs, therefore please see your core teachers for their individual deadlines.  Note:  No classes are functioning under the old policy.



  1. What if I join for Session 4 and want to rise to sophomore in January?

    1. you will be allowed to submit work for required courses that session only so that you are eligible to rise to sophomore.

  2. Is the option to take Freshman year as a correspondence student still available?

    1. Yes.  Correspondence means you don’t have to attend live labs.  It does not mean you get to turn in work all year.  As a correspondence student, you would simply take the class during its appointed session and turn in work with the same deadlines as all of the other students taking the course.

  3. Do I need to turn in all my work by the end of each session?

    1. Yes. All work must follow the policy above.