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WSTS Homework Policy

WSTS Homework Policy

by Kara D Williams -
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Please read the following so that you will understand how our school closures work.  We hope this helps you better manage your time and plan your own holiday time.

WSTS Holiday Policy for School Closure


Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary follows a religious schedule based on the Wheel of the Year as conceived within the Wiccan Religion. However, we do recognize secular holidays are important to our interaction with the broader community.  The following policy outlines the school closure dates for both staff and students for classes and meetings.  Rituals will happen as scheduled without regard to the Holiday closings.

WSTS is always closed on the following holidays if they fall during the workweek of Monday - Friday: Last Monday in May, July 4th, First Monday in September, Last Thursday in November, December 25th and January 1st.  

WSTS is always closed for school sanctioned Sabbat Celebrations that fall during the workweek of Monday - Friday.

Elective teachers may choose  to cancel classes on other holidays as long as all live labs can be completed within the 11 week session schedule.  Core classes follow their own schedule as determined by the needs of the class.  Please check with your teacher with regards to this policy.