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A Choice for Sophomore Core Classes in 2018

A Choice for Sophomore Core Classes in 2018

by Belladonna LaVeau -
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The Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary at WiccanSeminary.EDU is happy to announce even more opportunities for you to learn this year, by offering you TWO Sophomore tracks for 2018!

‘Your Year and a Day’ + ‘Crystals’ Sophomore class will continue with Belladonna LaVeau. This year we also offer Gavin Bone's, ‘Progressive Witchcraft’ Sophomore class!

As always, ‘Your Year and a Day’ + ‘Crystals’ will be taught by Belladonna Laveau and Phoenix Silverstar at 7 P.M. SLT on Mondays and will use the astrological placements of the elements with Air in the North and Earth in the East, as is used in Astrology.

Our new Sophomore track, ‘Progressive Witchcraft’ will be taught by Professor Gavin Bone at 11 A.M. SLT on Wednesdays, and will use the traditional placement of the elements with Earth in the North and Air in the East, as is used in British Traditional Witchcraft.

Successfully completing either class will meet the requirements for the WSTS Sophomore year, giving you even more options to make your studies your own.

Remember: It's Your Magic, It's Your School!

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Information about the ‘Progressive Witchcraft’ Sophomore year can be found below.


The Progressive Witchcraft Course 
Gavin Bone

The Progressive Witchcraft sophomore year at the Woolstone-Steen Theological Seminary, ( ) is an 
Eight Lesson Progressive Witchcraft Course taught by Gavin Bone, and has its origins in the system of training developed by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone in the early 2000's.

The system of training is based around the two core components of Spiritual/Mythical Cosmology and Magical Energy work, and was created to fulfill a need among students who had already been practicing witchcraft for some time prior to joining a coven.

The central concept is a system of training which is based on the root core elements of all magic and witchcraft. This allows any cultural or mythological elements, and traditions, to be overlaid upon that which has already been learned by incoming students. It is currently in use among several covens and traditions around the world, including in the United States, Belgium, Italy, UK and of course Ireland.

Spiritual/Mythical Cosmology work allows occult, mythological and psychological realms to be placed in the context of a 'map' which allows 'travel' around it, as well as explaining basic Wiccan practices. These range from the placing of the Elements and Circle Casting, to Drawing Down The Moon. It also combines elements which would be familiar to anyone practicing Shamanism.

The Magical Energy Work component teaches students how magic works on the most basic level, which is at the core of all magical systems. It teaches sorcery in its purest form; the manipulation of energy directly, which allows a thorough understanding of the purpose of Ritual.

The course is an intensive one, comprising eight six-week lessons, which cover an introductory lesson, the four elements, plus Ether, Mind and Spirit. Essays, practical exercises, as well as meditations combine to create a comprehensive course suitable for those who have already learned the basics of modern Witchcraft, but also appeals to those who have an interest in techniques which will allow them to access the deeper mysteries.

This is a year-long sophomore class. You must have successfully completed Ritual 101 and Accelerated Wicca 101/102/103 to be admitted to this class. You are expected to complete ‘Wicca 106 – Wheel of the year’ during the year which you take this class.

The Progressive Witchcraft sophomore class will meet at 11 A.M. SLT on Wednesdays.

About the teacher: