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Ostara 2018 Graduation Information - Important!

Ostara 2018 Graduation Information - Important!

by Kara D Williams -
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If you believe that you have met the requirements for an Associate or Bachelor Degree, please follow the instructions below in order to apply to Graduate.

WSTS holds it's graduation ceremonies (if we have enough students who qualify to graduate) in March (Ostara) of each year.  Diplomas are issued at this time each year.  Please follow the instruction below in order to start the process:

  1.  Email to request a transcript review PRIOR to Dec 31, 2018 so that Transcripts has time to complete the review.
  2. You will need to have completed all of your requirements (see the student manual for specifics) for your degree level prior to the end of the Winter Class Session that begins in January in order to qualify.
  3. Once you have a transcript review that shows you are eligible to graduate, please send a copy to me ( with a written request to graduate and the diploma you are seeking.
  4. You will then be put on a graduation list and receive further instructions about the process.

Please don't wait until the last minute to begin this process!  We want everyone who is eligible to graduate to be able to participate, however deadlines can not be moved.  Please pass on this message to fellow students who you think might need to see it.

Congratulations to those who are preparing to Graduate!

Kara D Williams

Dean of Education

Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary

Index, WA