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Session III Classes Start the Week of July 8th!

Session III Classes Start the Week of July 8th!

by Kara D Williams -
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This is the schedule for our Session III Classes.  As usual, please contact the teacher directly for more information and to register.
Kara D.


6:00pm  Junior Core: Working Witch Series - Stacia
7:00pm Sophomore Core Series - Bella
7:00pm Sophomore Core: Crystals - Kara D.
7:00 pm Egyptian Mythology - Kara I
6:00pm Senior Core: Healing/Divination - Bella/Hyssop
6:00pm Myth 120: Intro to Celtic Myth - Alfred
7:00pm Freshman Core: Wicca 101/102/103 and Wicca 106 - Bella
7:00pm Magic 352: Kabbalah - Alfred
6:00pm Wicca 160: Supporting the Pagan Family - Elphabala
7:00pm Wicca 090: Joining the Circle - Student Orientation - Dreylor
6:00pm  Myth 140: Intro to Norse Myth - Elphabala
7:00pm  Magic 155: Being a Real Pagan Man - Terry Riley
**Ongoing correspondence classes without live labs:
Wicca 113: Born A Witch, Ritual 105: Sacred Fire Tending, Magic 261: Journey with the Chakra Animals, and Wicca 091: Intro to Wiccan Theology.  Please contact these teachers directly to begin taking these courses.

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Re: Session III Classes Start the Week of July 8th!

by Alfred Willowhawk -

YAY!! I am SO excited about our summer session!  We have SO many gifted instructors with such a diverse experience base that it is an honor to be among such greats!