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New Software for Students

New Software for Students

by Belladonna LaVeau -
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The Mother Church has aquired a new software program to maintain permanent records for students and clergy.  Please go here and register.  Please request to join whatever groups are appropriate for you to be in.  Many of us are elevating, so ask to join the group you are moving into, not the one you just graduated from.  Some of you will find that you are already enrolled in certain groups once you log in.

This will be your permanent clergy record, recording your accomplishments, education, service, rites of passage and any other pertinent information relative to you magical studies and church membership.  

This software implementation will continue to grow to serve the church.  You will need this log in to register for festivals, workshops, classes, etc.  Please fill out your profile as completely as possible, including a picture, so we can associate a face with your name and remember who you are easier.  Please use your legal name if possible, and then under "Prefers to be called by" you can put your magical name. If you have a SecondLife name, please put it here, and indicate (SL) parenthesis, so we will know the difference and be able to connect your SL profile with your name and grades.