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Auditing Policy - ALl Students Please Read

Auditing Policy - ALl Students Please Read

by Alfred Willowhawk -
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There have been recent questions about whether students are allowed to Audit/sit in/listen in on classes in which they are not enrolled.  This is not allowed.  Please note that WSTS has a “no auditing” policy.  Auditing a class is where a student attends, listens in on or otherwise accesses information to a class but does not complete the work or receive credit for the course.   


Our special subscription rate greatly reduces the cost of attending school.  We provide the sliding scale because we have compassion for those who cannot afford the regular rate of $160 per class ($79 per month = 6 classes at ~$160 each).  This policy is agreed upon by your teachers and school officials, who wish for you to have access to this fabulous curriculum, but receive little to no pay for their work.  Therefore, we limit the number of electives available because it is a hardship on the teachers and staff, who are sacrificing their time and pay for your educational benefit.  Students are allowed two electives per year for their subscription fees.  If any student would like to take an additional elective, s/he is welcome to do so at the non-refundable, regular class rate of $160.00 per class.  


WSTS expects all students to honorably offer a fair and balanced energy exchange where their education is concerned.  Students, who violate the No Auditing Policy, will be given one warning.  Subsequent infractions will result in the student paying the full price for the course in which they are accessing without approval, or suspension/expulsion from school depending upon the circumstances.  


*Please note that if you can afford to pay full price for extra electives, we expect that you can also afford to pay more than the minimum on the sliding scale.  Students that are paying minimum, are not eligible for extra electives, and must adjust their tuition payments to $59 a month or more, before consideration for extra electives will be given.

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Re: Auditing Policy - ALl Students Please Read

by Belladonna LaVeau -

This does not apply to revisiting courses that you have already taken and passed.