The courses in this category are required for all students to pass.  

front page ritual 101 imageThis class explores the Keys of Hekate, the ability to summon the correct energies and create a bridge between the worlds where magic can be done. Explore the details of ritual design, and receive a magical analysis of each step involved. Students will learn the details of ritual construction. This course includes in-depth discussions on elements, tools, and the use of Classic British Traditional Incantations.

Students correctly completing this course will be able to completely and confidently:  Cast circle, Call quarters, elements, Invoke deity, Raise and direct energy, and dismiss.  All from memory.

Subjects will cover:
Theory and Energetics of Circle Casting,
What goes into creating a temple or sacred area,
How to tailor each ritual space for your personal needs.
The uses and energetics of ritual tools
How to correctly use ritual tools.

Required Text for this course is Awakening Spirit by Belladonna LaVeau currently available on

No prerequisites required for this course.
Course Image Wicca 101,102,103 - Accelerated Wicca

greenman.jpgEach week you will have one class from each of three subjects of study; Cosmic Law, Foundational Energetics, and Wiccan Philosophy. These classes, work together and when completed correctly, will begin teaching you to think in the spiral energy patterns required of an initiate. If you complete the curriculum as desired, you will notice your perspective on the world and your ability to magically interact with it change radically in the short time you take this course.

Cosmic Law - Cosmic Law teaches principles that will spiral you in to a deeper understanding, interpretation, and recognition of the spiritual activity that manifests the physical reality that you now experience. You will gain an understanding of how to create change, by relying on your own intuition, consulting your personal spirit guides, connecting with divinity, and through exploration of past lives.

Foundational Energetics - Foundational Energetics teaches you how to use the power centers in your body through the use of graphic visualizations and guided meditations. Each power center has mundane and magical properties that are necessary for balanced spiritual growth, and mental, physical, & emotional health. The course focuses on mastering the use of the power centers, as well as understanding why, how, and when to utilize this energy.

Wiccan Philosophy This course conceptualizes the Wiccan Belief system. It explores several different dimensions of thought, and brings a new level of awareness and enlightenment about the way Spirit interacts with us individually and as a whole.

Required Text for this course is Awakening Spirit by Belladonna LaVeau currently available on 

No prerequisites required for this course.

Course Image Wicca 106 - Wheel of the Year: The Path of Enlightenment


Our Ancestors knew the passing of time and marked the sacred days with celebration. Experience the Holy Wheel of the Year as the Sun journeys through the Astrological Zodiac. Understand why and how the Ancients celebrated these dates on the Calendar. Learn how to use the various methods of pagan symbolism to decode the sabbatical days and structure rituals to attune you with the rhythm of the Wheel of the Year. Discover why 'walking the wheel' attunes and evolves the soul

Please join this class at any time during the year. You will start at the sabbat that we are currently working on, and work through the course until you've experienced all eight sabbats.  Please expect this course to take a couple of years to finish, as you will probably not make every sabbat in a year.

Required Text for this course is Awakening Spirit by Belladonna LaVeau currently available on 

No prerequisites required for this course.

Wicca and Paganism in general have many preconceptions and misconceptions regarding its actual history. In this course we will weed out what is and is not the true History of the Modern Wiccan Movement. Just how much of our modern practices and beliefs are related to ancient cultures? Which ones? What were the inquisition and witchcraft acts truly about? Where did The History of the Modern Wiccan Movement truly begin? How did it evolve? Who were the people and organizations that contributed to where we are today? How did they contribute and what are the effects of their contributions? Where are we now, and where is the Future of Wicca going? Because whether you realize it or not… today…. WE create the history for our next generation. 

No prerequisites required for this course.

Course Image Wicca 130 - Wiccan Law:  For All Wiccans

Wiccan Law

Wiccan Law is vital to our culture.  It defines how we behave in a magical environment.  Come learn the laws and how to apply them in your life.

 YesThis is a required class for all initiatory Students.  

No prerequisites required for this course.

Course Image Wicca 090: Campus Life: Orientation

Campus Life

Joining the Circle Welcome to a Magical World. In your experiences with being in WiccanSeminary.EDU, you will encounter a world of possibilities and opportunities. In this class we introduce you to the many magical area's that will be at your disposal. Come, explore, expience, and find a magical learning environment like to other

Classes are held in Skype and SecondLife (http://SecondLife.Com). You can complete the assignments and pass this course at any time. You are not graded on attendance. You do not have to enter SecondLife to take this course. Participation in SecondLife is a bonus for students and not a requirement for an Associates Degree. Labs for Orientation class start at the beginning of each sessions. Sessions start the first week of January, April, July, and October.

No prerequisites required for this course.