Course Image Wicca 106 - Wheel of the Year: The Path of Enlightenment


Our Ancestors knew the passing of time and marked the sacred days with celebration. Experience the Holy Wheel of the Year as the Sun journeys through the Astrological Zodiac. Understand why and how the Ancients celebrated these dates on the Calendar. Learn how to use the various methods of pagan symbolism to decode the sabbatical days and structure rituals to attune you with the rhythm of the Wheel of the Year. Discover why 'walking the wheel' attunes and evolves the soul

Please join this class at any time during the year. You will start at the sabbat that we are currently working on, and work through the course until you've experienced all eight sabbats.  Please expect this course to take a couple of years to finish, as you will probably not make every sabbat in a year.

Required Text for this course is Awakening Spirit by Belladonna LaVeau currently available on 

No prerequisites required for this course.