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Technology Changes for the April Session - Please Read!

Technology Changes for the April Session - Please Read!

by Kara D Williams -
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Greetings Students!

I hope that your winter session went well. We at WiccanSeminary.EDU are happy that you are enjoying your classes and the great events on Sacred Cauldron.  We begin spring session on April 6!  This is college.  The schedule can be demanding.  Note class times on your calendar, so you'll remember where you need to be each day.

Because can be intimidating for new students, we tried a different classroom platform for the winter session.  After polling the students and teachers, we found an overwhelming majority preferred SecondLife for one important reason.... We can do the magic in When we tried to do energy work in WIZIQ, it did not work.  It was an expensive lesson, but one well learned.  

We are excited to be holding classes in world again! For those students who have trouble with, we have come up with a compromise.  The few freshmen, who have this issue, can listen to class through Skype, until they get inworld.  Teacher's can run a skype voice call, at the same time they are running secondlife. This has worked in other situations, and will also be a great safety net for those SL students who might get caught away from their computer during class time.  You will still be able to hear class, even if you cannot see it. 

We will encourage students to upgrade their computers during their Freshman year, and expect them to be adept at interacting inworld by Junior year.  Your teachers are receiving the class landmarks in the next few days. Please watch for notices, and let's have a fantastic spring. 

See you in class!


Rev Belladonna Laveau
PO Box 409, Index, WA 98256