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Register for Three Gates Gathering 2015

Register for Three Gates Gathering 2015

by Alfred Willowhawk -
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Three Gates Gathering A Mystery School

June 26 – June 28, 2015

Where: Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church Retreat Center

4574 State Route 142

West Plains, MO 65775

Phone: 417 293 1238

Mission: The mission of the Three Gates Mystery School is to provide an educational opportunity for individuals from every tradition and at every level to learn and grow from each other in a stress free, family oriented environment.


  • To provide information on particular topics through the free exchange of ideas in a discussion format.
  • To provide an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and tolerance
  • To support the spiritual practices of all groups that follow the mandate to Preserve the Craft and/or Be At One with the Earth.


Mama Gina

MAMA Gina LaMonte, singer/songwriter & wanderlust … fearless story-telling … bluesy vocals … humor … straight-ahead, rhythmic, 12 string acoustic guitar … djembe … frame drums … all weft and warp of the soul of this bard

Rowena Whaling

Rowena Whaling, Arising from the mists of the Dragonstone Sanctuary comes this musical offering by its High Priestess, Rowena of the Glen. Rowena sends forth her cauldron of magical, mystical and dark elements in this CD and weaves a spell that is haunting and unforgettable. Those who know her personally know these songs to be a reflection of the spiritual depth of this priestess of the craft. There is no other like her in this earthly realm.


Bri will be providing wholesome, healthy vegetarian and non vegetarian food for all participants  The primary menu will be a Paleo Diet  There will be 3 meals provided, Saturday Breakfast, Saturday Dinner and Sunday Brunch.


Sacred Sexuality – Talyn Songdog and Kara Drachnyd our Dean of Education

Rites of Passage – Grey Mere and Cynthia Blodgett-Griffin of the Red Grail (Lincoln, NE)

Divine Womb and Tomb – Melissa Anderson head of the Kemetic Reconstructionist movement


COSTS: $100 per person - family plans available


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